Freedom and Constraint

For Freedom Space with Rivers was a six month intergenerational arts project in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area, focussing on our living relationships with rivers. The project began in November 2021, just as COP26 was ending.

Artists from across Greater Glasgow and Clyde explored creatively how we might adapt and connect with rivers in a changing climate, while looking out for each other across our multiple differences. We did this through three intersecting workshop series, a giant travelling communal scroll, and twelve commissioned artworks.

The commissioned artworks, the scroll and some of the creative processes were shared in a celebratory event at the University of Glasgow in May 2022.

Images from the Freedom Space Sharing Event

Neha Apsara. Image by Stuart Campbell
Ghanima Abdul Karim. Image by Stuart Campbell
Fatwima Adnan. Image by Stuart Campbell
Sean O’Hagan. Image by Stuart Campbell
Tom McAlister

Fifi Basalm
Interactions with/at the communal scroll. Images by Stuart Campbell

For Freedom Space with Rivers Sharing Event

26th May 2022

11am -2pm. James Arnott Theatre, University of Glasgow


11:00 – 11:15 | Register/Gather

11:15 – 11:30 | Opening Rituals in the theatre

11:30 – 1pm | Sharing of Artworks and Q&A with the artists

1- 2pm | Vegetarian Lunch

Sharing of Commissioned artwork

Help Freedom – Mary-Anne and Mhairi Macdonald

Waterways – Neha Apsara

O My River; The Reed; What am I made of? – Ghanima Abdul Karim

Where there is a will there is a Way; The Power of the Ocean – Fatwima Adnan, accompanied by The Kelvin, a musical composition by Gerrard Smith

The Life of the River and Tree – Sean O’Hagan

Clyde Frequencies – Tom McAlister

When Rivers Speak – Michael Dawson

Power – Syeda Sadaf Zaidi

Seascape – Injeela Zaidi Arif

Life of Rock – Anwar Arif

My Place – Fifi Basalm

Places are limited, please book via the following link

For Freedom Space with Rivers

The River Clyde, Glasgow, as COP 26 ends: November 2021

Workshop Series 1: Dear Green Bothy COP26 event

Mhairi, Mary-Anne, Neha, Karen and Michael, University of Glasgow, November 2021
Neha Apsara, University of Glasgow, November 2021
Michael Dawson, University of Glasgow, November 2021

Workshop Series 2 with the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice

Tom McAlister, Elder Park, Govan, November 2021
Norma and Christine, The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice, December 2021

Commissions Round 1

Sean O’Hagan: River Tree 1 (animation), January 2022

Workshop Series 3 with Interfaith Glasgow

Ghanima, Syeda, Lydia and Fifi, Dumbarton, March 2022

Commissions Round 2

This project is funded by Being Human, the UK’s only national festival of the humanities, and presented as part of the University of Glasgow’s The Dear Green Bothy programme, hosting creative and critical responses to climate emergency.